Why doesn’t God reveal himself to people like he did in the Old Testament?

November 9, 2009

So, in the Old Testament, God spoke to Noah and told him to build an ark, he met with Moses face to face, he made fire for Elijah, he showed Jacob a glimpse of Heaven. But today, we don’t hear about those things. Why not?

Let’s first take a good look at one of the times that God directly revealed himself to Moses.  This interaction stands out to me as really significant. Exodus 33

Verse 11 tells us that “GOD spoke with Moses face-to-face, as neighbors speak to one another.” So God and Moses were having the kind of discussion that I can only imagine having with God in Heaven. I think of the things that I would ask Him and I would guess that Moses asked Him the same questions. “How did the earth get here anyway?” “Why did you decide to create this world?” “Why do you allow for evil to exist?” I hope that Moses asked those questions, and the fact that Moses and God had those conversations gives me an answer to how we know what really happened at the creation of the world. God told Moses. Moses passed it on in what became the book of Genesis.

So these times when God directly revealed Himself in the Old Testament are extremely important. It’s also important to realize that the Old Testament covers thousands of years of history and we see dozens of direct contacts from God.

The bigger issue is that when Jesus walked the earth, He broke down the barrier between us and God and now we have the opportunity for daily direct contact with God. God is primarily speaking with us through the Holy Spirit today. Which in some sense isn’t as dramatic, but it is more direct for more people more often. Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit in the Great Commission, and even in the life of Moses, in one of his conversations with God, God promised that “My presence will go with you.” (v14) But we don’t get many more details other than that. So it may not be as dramatic, but God’s involvement in our lives today is just as active and just as meaningful as it was in the Old Testament.

I personally know people who have been healed from cancer, who have heard God audibly speak to them, and I have personally seen him answer my prayers, big and small. I have felt His direction, His Guidance, and His encouragement in my life, family, and ministry. That’s the Holy Spirit working directly in my life today.


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